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Happy 3rd Birthday

Posted on May 22nd 2012

Very Own Studio Three

It has been claimed that three is a magic number.* Well I’m not sure about magic, but it’s certainly a milestone. Today Very Own Studio celebrates its third year in business. The last twelve months have flown by; so maybe it’s time to reflect, and then look to the future.

Over the last year I’ve continued to help new brands like Shoot Boutique, Alternative Bike Co. and Be-Jewel to launch and establish themselves. I was involved with all three of these businesses from an early stage: working with them on naming the business, positioning the brand, and developing the visual look and feel by creating the logo, designing stationary, websites and marketing materials. I also designed the user interface and photo booth for Shoot Boutique.

As well as working directly with start up companies, I have continued to work with larger intermediary communications agencies, producing design for established brands such as AstraZeneca, Barratt Homes and Unilever.

I have also worked on the re-branding of smaller businesses, such as Vada Media, a Brighton based company working with companies and organisations to help them find new ways of communicating and thinking about their work.

It has been great to be a regular contributor to the Eight:48 publication over the last year, to have my work exhibited in the Celebration of September exhibition convened by Mortar&Pestle Studio, and to design a commemorative poster for an event held as part of the Brighton Fringe.

There’s an exciting twelve months ahead for Very Own Studio. I’m looking forward to working with Julia Chanteray from The Joy Of Business on how to further develop the business, maximising its potential and possibilities for growth. I’m also excited about some new collaborations in the pipeline and launching the new Very Own Studio website later in the year.

I would like to thank all the businesses I have worked with during the last twelve months. There’s also a high five to the people I have collaborated with, be they web developers, printers or photographers.

Here’s to the next three years…


*Three Is A Magic Number was originally written in 1973 by Bob Dorough for the album School House Rock. De La Soul used a sample from the chorus in their song The Magic Number, which was released in 1989.

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